Alienware 2.0

Alienware's identity refresh was an exciting opportunity to evolve a strong, maturing brand heritage while preserving its youthful, aggressive personality. Aesthetic inspirations were drawn from medieval helmet armor, exotic cars, motorcycles and stealth technology. The resulting industry award-winning products maintain Alienware's status as the best gaming PC brand on the planet. This collaboration between Alienware Marketing, Dell ID, Design Edge, and most importantly, the Dell mechanical engineering team, has created some of the coolest products and collateral material that earthlings have ever seen.

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The M17x was introduced in the summer of 2009 as a replacement the last of the original Alienware identity. The M17x was a radical departure from the original Alienware look. It recast Alienware as a more angular, aggressive brand that focused on speed and performance. The parallelogram front and back surfaces paid homage to the DELL XPS brand of gaming systems while taking Alienware into the future. The all aluminum shell improved the surface feel of the product while stiffening chassis. The bottom panel is designed for easy component access for easy hardware upgrading by gamers. Screws and attachment features were carefully hidden to create an otherworldly technological creation.

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Brand Consistency

The underside of the M15x reflects the commitment to design excellence and persistance of the Alienware 2.0 team. This thorough approach ensured an authentic and consistent customer experience.

Materials & Surfacing

Great care was taken to give an other-worldly feel to the Alienware notebook experience. Details such as the tactile quality of the touchpad, keys, bezel, and vent grating were meticulously crafted to achieve a product that seems foreign to the typical OEM consumer notebook.


The M-15x is a direct descendent of the M17x though with some significant design changes; the underbelly panel is designed to be removed in one piece to access the boards, while the battery position has been moved to the back surface. The move also helps M-15x get a larger battery which enables longer game play while on the road. The main housing is formed out of magnesium and incorporates many fastening features which improve the reduction of piece parts.