"I have worked with Robin Peng and his Team at Design Engine for more than a decade. Unparalleled design talent and creativity are the cornerstones of the company which have lead to many project successes. Taking an idea or concept to a producible product is what keeps Design Engine our number one, go to Design Company."

Alan P. Niedzwiecki - President & CEO
Quantum Technologies, Inc. [NASDAQ:QTWW]

"When Nu Skin Enterprises started to develop the Biophotonic scanner, we wanted to partner with an innovative design shop to develop a unique scientific instrument that is both attractive and user friendly. I believe we achieved that goal with Design Engine. Robin and his team bring a level of collaboration that is seldom seen in larger organizations. Under severe time constraints, DE delivered a design that met all requirements."

Joe Chang - Pharmanex Chief Scientific Officer
Nu Skin Enterprises [NASDAQ:NUS]

"Design Engine was superb in rapidly executing a cutting edge design solution for my aircraft development company. Product styling was unique, practical and world class in every way. DE created a visually superior product that stood out among its many competitors in the general aviation industry."

Howard Royle - Founder
Legende Aircraft Company

"When searching for an industrial design team to conceive our 1st generation pediatric medical imaging device, the Design Engine team quickly rose to the top with their immediate understanding of our unique design needs, experience with FDA compliance, and a maniacal focus on detail. This coupled with their proven track record of success in commercializing new technologies made our design team choice an easy one."

Douglas G. Turnquist - President & CEO
Thermimage, Inc.



Top Ten Innovations
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Tech Home Excellence Platinum
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WiLife DIY Surveillance 

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WiLife DIY Surveillance


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SEMA Best New Product
Edge Engine Tuning Module 

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